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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety *

Anxiety can often be experienced as an uncontrollable worry about everyday things and when this happens it can interfere with your ability to function normally.

Anxiety is a reaction or psychological state that occurs when a person (often for no apparent reason) encounters a specific event or situation or sometimes an object that they perceive to be threatening to them. The feelings they have, which are often anxiety and or panic, then colours how they behave. Physical symptoms occur within the human body for any number of different reasons, but a person who experiences anxiety is much more likely to misinterpret their physical symptoms and there are literally hundreds of symptoms associated with both the body and the mind. 

Common Physical Symptoms when Anxious

Muscular tension, stiffness, soreness.; muscles that shake and jitter.Coldness, chills and flu-like symptoms.Lightheaded, dizziness, unsteadiness.Fatigue, no energy, lethargy and tiredness. Tightness in chest and ribcage, hyperventilation, heart palpitations and racing heart.

Vomiting, nausea, stomach upsets. IBS symptoms, loose bowel movements, constipation, belching and bloating. Uncontrolled profuse sweating.

Frequent and urgent urination. Headaches, co-ordination problems with mouth and tongue.

When these symptoms occur , the anxious person believes that something is very wrong. They often become frightened, they believe something terrible is happening. Some people believe they are about to die. It’s a vicious circle as these ‘inappropriate’ thoughts lead to even more of these scary symptoms, which in turn create the anxiety and panic response.

Anxiety will often accompany other disorders such as phobias and fears.

How I can help

I use a blend of hypnosis, Cognitive behavior therapy and Mindfulness. You can learn to use a variety of different techniques to enable you to eradicate anxiety and panic from your life. You will find yourself experiencing positivity and balance in a relatively short time. From the very first experience you can expect to feel more able to be relaxed and to deal with the issues that up to now have caused you concern. We will look at the relationship between ‘thoughts, feelings and behaviours’ as well as learning how to recognise the difference between ‘rational and irrational’ thinking and how ‘unhelpful thinking styles’ are part of what underpins your condition. 

*DISCLAIMER:Please note results may vary from person to person.




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