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Bereavement Therapy and Hypnosis*

When someone dies we are often taken by surprise at the vast range of feelings that we experience; loss, sadness, distress, anger, shock, resentment, guilt, self-blame, fear and a whole gamut of emotions. A lack of energy, feelings of weakness, nightmares and trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, loss of interest in friends and activities, work problems; the list is endless.

Whatever you feel is absolutely appropriate because they are your feelings and no matter what anyone says, that is how you feel and therefore that is appropriate. There is no right or wrong way to feel. It is only our own judgment (and sometimes listening to others people's ignorant comments) that will make us not accept our feelings. It is then that we start to feel that we should not be feeling the way we do and that how we feel is wrong or inappropriate. Sharing our feelings with others then becomes almost impossible and we are then left isolated with our grief.

Grief Counselling/Therapy: Using hypnosis to learn how to support yourself

Coming to see me will enable you to explore how you feel, in a non judgmental environment. Using hypnosis and other tools I can support, and most importantly, teach you how to support yourself, which will enable you to feel much more comfortable with your own emotional experience and then you will be able to gain some strength and resilience as you start to engage more with everyday life.

*DISCLAIMER:Please note results may vary from person to person.


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