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Hypnotherapy for Headaches*

It is advised that before using any alternative therapy you should always visit your GP to ensure there is no medical reason for your headache.

Undertanding the cause

Healing chronic headaches can often be challenging. By using hypnosis we can discover if there are any underlying emotional or mental causes.

How can hypnosis benefit you?

Hypnosis has no negative side effects, just beneficial ones like sometimes reducing the amount of pain medication needed and sometimes ridding you of your pain.

If there is a constriction or an expansion of the blood vessels within the head this is often the reason for the headache or migraine pain that a person may experience. It has been shown during studies of hypnosis during surgery that bleeding can be controlled effectively so it follows that the ability to normalise blood flow using hypnosis should result in a reduction or absence of head pain.

Using Hypnosis to assist with pain and discomfort

I work by assisting my clients to learn how to use a hypnotic trance to remove the pain and discomfort of their headaches. Using hypnosis often results in a reduction of stress and tension within both the mind and body and this is an outcome that is highly desirable for anyone in the stressful environments that most of us can find ourselves in each day.

*DISCLAIMER:Please note results may vary from person to person.

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